Got Windows 8? Get the Breaking News app

Microsoft rolled out Windows 8 and its Surface devices today, and we’re happy to announce that a new Breaking News app is already here, ready for download. It’s optimized for both the desktop and the tablet.

Just like all our other apps, there’s no faster way to stay on top of the world’s breaking news, verified by our 24/7 team of journalists.  New updates appear from hundreds of news sources, and we boil it down to a reliable, real-time feed that focuses on just what’s new. No screaming, no fluff, no rumors—just news.

Our favorite feature is “snap view” — just drag the app to the side of the screen, and it will snap into place.  New updates will appear automatically while you engage with the rest of the screen.  (Warning: news junkies might want to use in moderation.)

We have a lot more features planned, so please give it a try and let us know what you think!