Why do people uninstall apps? Appiterate conducted a survey and discovered one reason stands above the rest: annoying push notifications.

This probably shouldn’t come as a big surprise: just about any app you download these days wants to send you notifications.  The vast majority of them are promotional, harassing you to open the app.   In many ways, one of mobile’s most powerful features is turning into a spam factory.

Appiterate’s advice is common sense: “The good practice here would be to make the notifications absolutely useful for the user.”  They should be valuable to you.

One of our most popular features at Breaking News is push notifications, but the same breaking stories aren’t valuable to everyone.  So in the new version of our iOS app — Android coming soon — we enabled you to “alert” any topic you want: cities, countries, companies, people and even specific stories.  We also write the notifications so you can read them without having to open the app. 

So far, the new custom alerts feature is tremendously popular, and users are creating their own personal alert services.  We put together this tip sheet on how to best personalize push notifications.  And coming soon: even more features to make your push alerts absolutely useful at the speed of Breaking News. 

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(Post by corybe / @corybe)

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