How did they survive? Remember that horrifying YouTube clip of the Joplin, Missouri residents who took shelter in a walk-in cooler?  They videotaped themselves as the tornado hit, screaming and praying as the building crashed around them.  We discovered the dark, “first person” clip when it was viewed only a few dozen times — when we watched it, we shuddered and posted it on  Then a few hours later, we decided it was too incredible not to tweet on @breakingnews.  It’s since been viewed over 2 million times.

Now there’s this clip (above) from the man who shot the original video.  He revisited the Fastrip gas station where they were huddled in the cooler, and he videotaped what little is left.  Climbing over the debris, he shows their small pocket of safety inside a cooler surrounded by cases of beer — an unbelievable story of survival.

(Thanks @amydunc for spotting the original clip!)

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