Over 300 Twitter accounts #breaking the news

Over a year and a half ago, we began an experiment to whitelist Twitter accounts from participating news organizations as a way for them to tip our Breaking News editors in real time.  We’ve now crossed the 300 mark, spanning news organizations large and small, global and local — the largest news tipping network on Twitter.

It works by appending the #breaking or #breakingnews hashtag to a news organization’s tweet (it also works for #amberalert and #silveralert).  Moments later, our editors are alerted of the tweet, which helps elevate the story above the tornado of real-time reports in social media today.  You can see the alerts by clicking the “all sources” button on BreakingNews.com.

In many cases, if it’s the first time we’ve seen the story, our editors will promote the story in our mobile apps, website and @breakingnews with a direct link, crediting the originator.  Altogether, we send over 200,000 clicks a day to original breaking stories, not to mention a burst of social followers and big SEO stake in the ground. 

Our thanks to all of the participating news organizations.  Hashtagging your breaking tweets helps us give credit where credit is due.

To learn more about how to whitelist a news organization’s Twitter account into the network — and to see which stories our editors tend to link — visit our Breaking News partner page.

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