Our users are info addicts, finds survey

We just wrapped up a survey of our Breaking News mobile app users, and the results underline something we already suspected: many of you have a bit of an addiction problem with real-time information.

We asked when users check the app, and the responses went something like “all day long” and “every time I use my phone other than to place a phone call.”  Someone even said they check the app at church. In all, 83% say they use the app outside the home, which is surprisingly high given the large chunk of Breaking News tablet users out there.

Our traffic stats certainly back up the addiction story: approximately 80% of our monthly visits are comprised of people who visit once or more a day.

Our users are not just information consumers, they’re also super sharers.  Just over half (51%) say they share things on social media at least once a week, and 37% say they share one more times every day.  That’s along the lines of what we’ve seen on Twitter: @breakingnews is one of the most retweeted brand accounts in the world.

By the way, we received lots of great feedback on possible improvements to our apps.  The most common suggestion was a “scroll to top” feature, and we just rolled out a new iPhone/iPad update with just that.  You can either tap the “scroll to top” button in the feed or make it happen automatically by throwing a switch over in settings. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey, and stay tuned for lots more app improvements to come!

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